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and Comprehensive
High School
for Girls

Working together in harmony, building on our outstanding reputation

We offer an extensive curriculum with a broad range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in their academic, technological, creative, sporting, social, cultural and leadership endeavours.

Embedded in our curriculum is a focus on the development of 21st century skills including innovation, problem solving, teamwork and communication equipping our girls with the skills required to transition effectively into the modern world.

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Sun 24th MarWeek BAdd event to google
Mon 25th MarTTFM Yr 9: (P3: 9.4)Add event to google
Mon 25th MarTTFM Year 8: (P2: 8MANDA, P4: 8MANDE-G)Add event to google
Mon 25th MarYr 11 Economics assessment - Task 1Add event to google
Mon 25th MarYr 12 Hospitality KO assessment - Cluster EAdd event to google
Mon 25th MarYr 12 English EAL/D assessment - Task 2Add event to google
Tue 26th MarTTFM Year 7 (P2: 7E,7A, P3:7S)Add event to google
Tue 26th MarYr 11: Max Potential (9:30-1:00)Add event to google
Tue 26th MarYr 12 Maths Adv., St. 2 & St. 1 assessment - Task 2Add event to google
Tue 26th MarYr 11/12: Debating (i/c Bailey)Add event to google
Tue 26th MarYr 9: Commerce Excursion (i/c Verykios)Add event to google
Tue 26th Mar12 Arabic Ext. assessment - Task 1aAdd event to google
Wed 27th MarTTFM Year 7 (P3: 7C)Add event to google
Wed 27th MarP and CAdd event to google
Wed 27th MarYr 11 Ceramics assessment - Task 1Add event to google
Wed 27th MarYr 11/12: Visual Arts ExcursionAdd event to google
Wed 27th MarYr 10 Mathematics (all courses) assessment - Task 1Add event to google
Wed 27th MarTTFM Yr 8 (P2: 8MANDD, P4:8MAND B/C)Add event to google
Wed 27th Mar11 Music assessment - Task 1Add event to google
Thu 28th MarTTFM Yr 9: P2: 9.EAdd event to google
Thu 28th MarYr 11: Life Ready Day 1 (Period 1-3)Add event to google
Thu 28th MarMy Road worshops for Yr 10 (Day 1)Add event to google
Fri 29th MarTTFM: Yr 9 (P5: 9S)Add event to google
Fri 29th MarYr 11 Modern History assessment - Task 1Add event to google
Fri 29th Mar7C: English Excursion (9-1:30) i/c YoungAdd event to google
Fri 29th MarMy Road worshops for Yr 10 (Day 2)Add event to google
Fri 29th MarYr 8 French Excursion (i/c Park)Add event to google
Fri 29th MarTTFM Year 7 (P2:7B)Add event to google
Sun 31st MarWeek AAdd event to google
Mon 1st Apr10 PDHPE assessment - Task 1Add event to google

Auburn Girls offers a comprehensive range of academic courses and special programs to suit the needs and interests of all our students.

Principal – Anna Tsoutsa