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Mystic Vehicle of Contemporary Technology

If you carefully observe designed objects around you, perhaps you may find the unspoken process of their birth. Their ingredients and parts should come from somewhere in this globe, and mixed and combined together in a factory of somewhere, through hands and ideas of somebodies.

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Entry into the 2018 Year 8, 9 & 10 selective stream

Auburn Girls High School 2018

Year 8, 9 & 10 Selective Class Criteria

Entrance to an existing Selective Class is through application with supporting evidence.
Entry is dependent upon vacancies. If vacancies exist, students will be offered a place in
order of merit. Visit the following link for more information about Years 8 – 11 Selective
School Enrolment. This website includes the application form.
Auburn Girls High School selective class selection criteria
Auburn Girls High School is looking for students with an excellent academic record, a
passion for developing other talents and willingness to be fully involved in the life of the
The selection committee will look at the academic history of the student, co-curricular
interests and abilities; the distance the student will travel to attend the school and
the impact, on local public comprehensive schools, of our selective enrolments.
Academic excellence as evidenced by:
  • Last two school reports
  • NAPLAN results from year 5, year 7 and if available year 9
  • If applicable, copies of documents highlighting success in areas such as competitions, arts, leadership and sports.