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Entry into the 2018 Year 8, 9 & 10 selective stream

Auburn Girls High School 2018

Year 8, 9 & 10 Selective Class Criteria

Entrance to an existing Selective Class is through application with supporting evidence.
Entry is dependent upon vacancies. If vacancies exist, students will be offered a place in
order of merit. Visit the following link for more information about Years 8 – 11 Selective
School Enrolment. This website includes the application form.
Auburn Girls High School selective class selection criteria
Auburn Girls High School is looking for students with an excellent academic record, a
passion for developing other talents and willingness to be fully involved in the life of the
The selection committee will look at the academic history of the student, co-curricular
interests and abilities; the distance the student will travel to attend the school and
the impact, on local public comprehensive schools, of our selective enrolments.
Academic excellence as evidenced by:
  • Last two school reports
  • NAPLAN results from year 5, year 7 and if available year 9
  • If applicable, copies of documents highlighting success in areas such as competitions, arts, leadership and sports.