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Assessment Policies

Assessment Policies

Auburn Girls High School is committed to enhancing and encouraging students’ learning outcomes.  Our assessment program encourages progressive development of skills and knowledge while ensuring:

  • consistency across subjects and courses
  • fairness in marking and reporting
  • coordination of the assessment program to ease the load on students.

Assessment tasks are designed to measure performance against course outcomes through a range of assessment tasks and in a wider range of objectives than may be tested in an examination. Assessment tasks may include:

  • Tests which may take a written, practical and oral form
  • Class essays, research tasks, assignments, portfolios, log books
  • Practical tasks and major works
  • Fieldwork and Projects

The Senior Assessment Booklets provide important information about the school’s assessment policy, timing of assessment tasks, the type of tasks and due dates, the content examined and the weighting of each assessable task for the year.
The School Assessment Policy is designed to ensure consistency throughout the school, to ensure no student is disadvantaged and to encourage students to meet their assessment deadlines.

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