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The Learning and Support Faculty

The Learning and Support Faculty consists of specialist teachers and School Learning Support Officers whose main function is to assist students with their individual learning needs.
The Learning and Support Teachers work predominantly in a team teaching role within classrooms to implement programs and differentiate resources for students with individual/special needs.
Our team teachers provide knowledge and experience in adjusting tasks to make them more accessible to our students.
The faculty facilitates and co-ordinates a whole school approach to meeting students’ individual learning needs.  Members of the faculty provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to support the well-being and learning of the students in our care.
The Learning Support Team at Auburn Girls High School meets each week to discuss and monitor students’ referrals and progress and to provide additional learning support when required.
Similarly, the team is committed to working with all parents and community members in developing individual learning plans for students with identified needs.
In addition and where required, the faculty also works with a wide range of external agencies and specialists in order to best provide for the learning needs of the students.

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) staff at our school promotes and advocates on behalf of our learners. These learners include migrant and refugee students as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who speak traditional indigenous languages.
The EAL/D teachers teach and work across the curriculum with the KLA teacher in the mainstream classroom to meet the English language needs of the learners. This is achieved through joint planning, teaching and assessing.
Our EAL/D teachers conduct professional development programs for teachers. They consult staff and provide information about the needs of our learners. The EAL/D teachers organise programs for our refugee students and work with community groups to improve the educational achievement of the learners of English as an Additional Language or Dialect.
These programs include the Refugee Action Support Program (RAS), a joint program involving the University of Western Sydney and the Mentoring program with Macquarie University named Learning, Education, Aspiration and Participation (LEAP).

Teaching Staff

Silvia Kinloch

Head Teacher
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